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Words formed from any letters in kifs, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   kaifs

e -   kiefs

f -   skiff

n -   finks

r -   frisk

4 letters

a -   kafs   kaif   saki

b -   bisk   fibs

c -   fisc   sick

d -   disk   fids   kids   skid

e -   kefs   kief   seif   sike

f -   kifs

g -   figs

h -   fish   khis

i -   kifs

k -   kifs

l -   fils   ilks   silk

m -   skim

n -   fink   fins   inks   kins   sink   skin

o -   kois

p -   kips   skip   spik

r -   firs   irks   kirs   kris   rifs   risk

s -   kifs   kiss   skis

t -   fist   fits   kist   kits   sift   skit

3 letters

a -   ais   ask   fas   kaf   kas   ska

b -   bis   fib   sib

c -   cis   ick   sic

d -   dis   fid   ids   kid

e -   efs   fie   kef   sei

f -   iff   ifs   kif

g -   fig

h -   his   khi

i -   ifs   kif   ski

k -   kif   ski

l -   fil   ilk   lis

m -   ism   mis   sim

n -   fin   ink   ins   kin   sin

o -   koi   kos

p -   kip   pis   psi   sip

r -   fir   irk   kir   rif   sir   sri

s -   ifs   sis   ski

t -   fit   its   kit   sit   tis   tsk

v -   vis

w -   wis

x -   fix   six   xis

y -   sky

z -   fiz

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