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Words formed from any letters in kaph, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

h -   khaph

s -   kaphs

4 letters

a -   kapa   kaph

c -   caph   chap   hack   pack

d -   dhak

e -   epha   hake   heap   peak

f -   khaf

h -   kaph

i -   haik   paik   pika

k -   kaph

l -   lakh

n -   ankh   hank   khan   knap

o -   koph   opah

p -   kaph

r -   hark   harp   park

s -   haps   hasp   pash

t -   khat   path   phat

w -   hawk   whap

3 letters

a -   aah   aha   hap   pah

b -   bah   bap   kab

c -   cap   pac

d -   dah   dak   dap   had   pad

e -   ape   hae   hep   kae   kea   kep   pea   peh

f -   kaf

g -   gap   hag

h -   hah   hap   pah

i -   hip   khi   kip   phi   pia

j -   haj

l -   alp   lap   pal

m -   amp   ham   map   pam

n -   nah   nap   pan

o -   hao   hop   koa   kop   oak   oka   poh

p -   hap   pah   pap

r -   ark   par   rah   rap

s -   ash   ask   asp   has   kas   pas   sap   sha   ska   spa

t -   apt   hat   kat   pat   pht   tap

u -   auk   hup

w -   haw   paw   wap   wha

x -   pax

y -   hay   hyp   kay   pay   pya   yah   yak   yap

z -   zap

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