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Words formed from any letters in howdah, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

s -   howdahs

6 letters

a -   howdah

d -   howdah

h -   howdah

i -   whidah

o -   howdah

s -   shadow

u -   houdah

w -   howdah

y -   whydah

5 letters

c -   cahow

d -   hodad

e -   hawed

l -   ahold   waldo   woald

m -   whamo

n -   adown   honda

o -   wahoo

r -   hoard   horah

s -   dhows   woads

y -   howdy

4 letters

a -   haha   whoa   woad

b -   bawd

c -   chad   chao   chaw   chow   coda

d -   dado   dhow   woad

e -   awed   hade   haed   head   hoed   howe   odea   ohed   owed   wade

f -   fado   howf

g -   dago   goad   gowd

h -   dhow   whoa

i -   ohia   wadi   whid

j -   hadj

k -   dawk   dhak   hawk   howk

l -   alow   awol   dahl   dhal   halo   hold   howl   load   wold

m -   wham   whom

n -   dawn   dona   down   hand   hwan   wand

o -   dhow   hood   whoa   woad   wood

p -   apod   dopa   opah   whap   whop

r -   draw   hard   hoar   hora   orad   road   ward   word

s -   ados   dahs   dash   daws   dows   hahs   hash   haws   hods   hows   shad   shah   shaw   shod   show   soda   wads   wash

t -   dato   dawt   doat   doth   hath   oath   thaw   toad   what

v -   avow

w -   dhow   whoa   woad

x -   hoax

y -   ahoy   hoya   wady   yodh

3 letters

a -   aah   ado   aha   awa   dah   daw   had   hah   hao   haw   wad   wha

b -   abo   bad   bah   boa   bod   bow   dab   hob   wab

c -   cad   caw   cod   cow   doc   oca

d -   add   ado   dad   dah   daw   dow   had   hod   odd   wad

e -   awe   dew   doe   edh   hae   heh   hew   hoe   ode   owe   wae   wed   woe

f -   fad   foh   oaf

g -   ago   dag   dog   gad   goa   god   hag   hog   wag   wog

h -   dah   had   hah   hao   haw   hod   how   wha   who

i -   aid   hid

j -   haj   jaw   jow

k -   dak   koa   oak   oka   wok

l -   awl   dal   dol   lad   law   low   old   owl

m -   dam   dom   ham   mad   maw   mho   moa   mod   mow   ohm

n -   and   awn   don   hon   nah   naw   nod   noh   now   own   wan   won

o -   ado   dow   hao   hod   how   oho   ooh   who   woo

p -   dap   hap   hop   pad   pah   paw   pod   poh   pow   wap   wop

r -   dor   oar   ora   rad   rah   raw   rho   rod   row   war

s -   ads   ash   dos   has   ods   ohs   sad   saw   sha   shh   sod   sow   was   wos

t -   dot   hat   hot   oat   tad   tao   taw   tho   tod   tow   twa   two   wat   wot

u -   duh   duo   huh   oud   udo   wud

v -   avo   ova   vaw   vow

w -   daw   dow   haw   how   wad   waw   wha   who   wow

x -   wax

y -   day   hay   hoy   way   why   yah   yaw   yod   yow

z -   adz   azo   zoa

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