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Words formed from any letters in hoppier, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

c -   choppier

n -   hornpipe

7 letters

a -   happier

c -   chipper   chopper   croppie

e -   hoppier

h -   hoppier

i -   hippier   hoppier

k -   porkpie

l -   loppier

n -   phonier   propine

o -   hoppier

p -   hoppier

r -   hoppier

s -   hoppers   shipper   shopper   soppier

t -   prophet

w -   whipper   whopper

6 letters

b -   bopper

c -   ceriph   cipher   coheir   copier   copper   heroic   orphic

d -   dipper   dopier   hipped   hopped   period   ripped

e -   ephori   hipper   hopper

g -   gipper   gopher   grippe

h -   ephori   hipper   hopper

i -   ephori   hipper   hippie   pipier

k -   hokier   kipper   koppie   pokier

l -   hirple   holier   hopple   lipper   lopper   propel   ripple

m -   homier   mopier   mopper

n -   heroin   nipper   orpine

o -   ephori   hooper   hopper

p -   ephori   hipper   hopper   popper

r -   ephori   hipper   hopper   proper   ripper   ropier

s -   ephors   hippos   hopers   hosier   perish   pipers   poiser   popish   popsie   posher   reship   shoppe   sipper

t -   heriot   ophite   pother   potpie   protei   thorpe   tipper   topper

u -   uphroe

y -   popery   pyrope

z -   zipper

5 letters

a -   opera   paper   pareo   raphe

b -   probe   rebop

c -   chiro   chirp   choir   chore   coper   cripe   epoch   ichor   ocher   ochre   perch   porch   price

d -   doper   ephod   hider   hired   hoped   horde   pedro   piped   pored   pride   pried   redip   riped   roped

e -   ephor   hoper   piper

g -   gripe   grope   pirog

h -   ephor   hippo   hoper

i -   hippo   piper

k -   hiker   piker   poker

l -   helio   loper   oiler   oriel   peril   plier   poler   prole   reoil

m -   homer   moire   moper   morph   prime   primo   primp   proem

n -   heron   honer   irone   opine   orpin   phone   prion   prone   repin   rhino   ripen

o -   ephor   hippo   hoper   oorie   poori

p -   ephor   hippo   hoper   piper

r -   ephor   hirer   hoper   piper   prier   prior   repro   riper   roper

s -   heirs   heros   hires   hoers   hoise   hopes   horse   osier   pepos   peris   perps   piers   pipes   poise   popes   pores   poser   preps   pries   prise   props   prose   repos   repps   ripes   ropes   shier   shire   shoer   shore   speir   spier   spire   spore

t -   ither   other   pipet   repot   their   thorp   thrip   throe   toper   tophe   tophi   tripe   trope

u -   houri   ouphe   ourie   upper

v -   hover   prove   viper   vireo

w -   power   whore   wiper

y -   hippy   hoppy   hyper   ropey

z -   prize

4 letters

a -   aero   aper   epha   hair   hare   harp   heap   hear   hoar   hora   ohia   opah   pair   pare   pear   prao   proa   rape   reap   rhea

b -   bier   bore   brie   brio   herb   robe

c -   cero   chip   chop   cire   coir   cope   core   crop   echo   epic   pech   pice   rice   rich

d -   dire   doer   dope   dore   dorp   drip   drop   herd   hide   hied   hoed   ired   ohed   oped   pied   prod   redo   ride   rode

e -   heir   here   hero   hire   hoer   hope   peep   peer   pepo   peri   perp   pier   pipe   pope   pore   pree   prep   repo   repp   ripe   rope

f -   fire   fore   froe   prof   reif   rife

g -   ergo   giro   goer   gore   gorp   grip   ogre   prig   prog

h -   heir   hero   hire   hoer   hope

i -   heir   hire   peri   pier   pipe   ripe

k -   hike   hoke   keir   kepi   kier   koph   kore   okeh   perk   pike   poke   pork

l -   elhi   heil   helo   help   herl   hole   holp   lehr   lier   lipe   lire   lope   lore   orle   pile   plie   plop   pole   riel   rile   roil   role

m -   emir   hemp   herm   home   mire   mope   more   omer   perm   pimp   poem   pome   pomp   prim   prom   rime   romp

n -   hern   hone   horn   inro   iron   noir   nope   nori   open   pein   peon   phon   pine   pion   pirn   pone   porn   rein

o -   hero   hoer   hoop   hope   pepo   pooh   poop   poor   pope   pore   prop   repo   rope

p -   hope   pepo   peri   perp   pier   pipe   pope   pore   prep   prop   repo   repp   ripe   rope

q -   qoph

r -   heir   hero   hire   hoer   peri   perp   pier   pore   prep   prop   repo   repp   ripe   rope

s -   epos   eros   hers   hies   hips   hoes   hops   hose   ires   opes   ores   pehs   peps   peso   phis   pies   pips   pish   piso   pois   pops   pose   posh   pros   reis   reps   resh   rhos   rips   rise   roes   rose   ship   shoe   shop   shri   sipe   sire   soph   sore   sori

t -   pert   phot   pith   poet   port   riot   rite   rote   roti   thio   thir   thro   tier   tire   tiro   tope   toph   topi   tore   tori   trio   trip   trop

u -   euro   hour   ouph   pour   pure   puri   roue   roup

v -   hive   hove   over   rive   rove   vier

w -   howe   phew   prow   weir   whip   whir   whop   wipe   wire   wore

x -   expo   prex

y -   hype   hypo   oyer   pipy   prey   pyre   ropy   yipe   yore

z -   phiz   prez   zero   zori

3 letters

a -   air   ape   are   ear   era   hae   hao   hap   oar   ora   pah   pap   par   pea   pia   rah   rap   ria

b -   bio   bop   bro   hob   obe   obi   orb   reb   rib   rob

c -   cep   chi   cop   cor   hic   ice   ich   orc   pec   pic   rec   roc

d -   die   dip   doe   dor   edh   hid   hod   ode   ped   pod   red   rid   rod

e -   ere   hep   her   hie   hoe   ire   ope   ore   pee   peh   pep   per   pie   ree   rei   rep   roe

f -   feh   fer   fie   fir   foe   foh   fop   for   fro   ref   rif

g -   ego   erg   ghi   gie   gip   gor   hog   peg   pig   reg   rig

h -   heh   hep   her   hie   hip   hoe   hop   peh   phi   poh   rho

i -   hie   hip   ire   phi   pie   pip   poi   rei   rip

j -   joe

k -   irk   kep   khi   kip   kir   koi   kop   kor   oke

l -   lei   lie   lip   lop   oil   ole   pol

m -   hem   him   imp   mho   mir   mop   mor   ohm   pom   rem   rim   rom

n -   eon   ern   hen   hin   hon   ion   nip   noh   nor   one   pen   pin   rin

o -   hoe   hop   oho   ooh   ope   ore   poh   poi   pop   pro   rho   roe

p -   hep   hip   hop   ope   peh   pep   per   phi   pie   pip   poh   poi   pop   pro   rep   rip

r -   err   her   ire   ore   per   pro   rei   rep   rho   rip   roe

s -   ers   hes   his   oes   ohs   ops   ors   ose   pes   pis   psi   res   sei   ser   she   sip   sir   sop   sri

t -   eth   het   hit   hot   opt   ort   pet   pht   pit   pot   ret   rot   the   tho   tie   tip   toe   top   tor

u -   hue   hup   our   piu   pup   pur   rue   upo

v -   rev   vie   voe

w -   hew   how   owe   pew   pow   row   who   woe   wop

x -   hex   pix   pox   rex

y -   hey   hoy   hyp   pry   pye   rye   yeh   yep   yip

z -   zip

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