More Words

Words formed from any letters in hoopers, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

e -   oosphere

t -   hoopster

w -   whoopers

x -   horsepox

7 letters

c -   chooser   coopers   pooches   porches   scooper   soroche

d -   spoored

e -   hoopers   operose

f -   hoofers   spoofer

g -   gophers

h -   hoopers

i -   poorish

k -   hookers

l -   loopers

m -   morphos   oosperm

n -   onshore   operons   snooper

o -   hoopers   hoopoes   oospore

p -   hoopers   hoppers   opposer   propose   shopper

r -   hoopers

s -   hoopers

t -   hooters   poorest   pothers   reshoot   sheroot   shooter   soother   stooper   strophe   thorpes

u -   uphroes

w -   preshow   swooper   whooper

6 letters

a -   ahorse   ashore   hoarse   operas   pareos   pharos   phrase   raphes   seraph   shaper   sherpa   soaper

b -   hoboes   probes   rebops

c -   choose   chores   cooers   cooper   copers   corpse   cosher   epochs   ochers   ochres   roscoe   scroop

d -   dopers   droops   ephods   hooped   hordes   horsed   pedros   poohed   prosed   reshod   rodeos   roosed   shooed   shored   spored

e -   ephors   heroes   herpes   hooper   hopers   porose   posher   repose   reshoe   sphere

f -   hoofer   proofs

g -   gopher   gropes   sorgho

h -   ephors   hooper   hopers   posher

i -   ephori   hosier   perish   poiser   pooris   reship

j -   joseph   josher

k -   hooker   kosher   pokers

l -   looper   looser   lopers   orlops   polers   proles   sloper   splore

m -   homers   mopers   morose   morpho   morphs   mosher   oomphs   proems   promos   romeos

n -   herons   honers   honors   nooser   nosher   operon   person   phones   phonos   pornos   senhor   sooner

o -   ephors   hooper   hoopoe   hopers   porose   posher

p -   ephors   hooper   hopers   hopper   oppose   porose   posher   shoppe

r -   ephors   hooper   hopers   poorer   porose   posher   proser   repros   rooser   ropers

s -   ephors   hopers   horses   porose   posers   posher   proses   prosos   rooses   shoers   shores   sopors   spoors   spores

t -   hooter   horste   others   photos   poster   pother   presto   repots   reshot   respot   soothe   stoper   thorpe   thorps   throes   topers   tophes   torose   troops   tropes

u -   houser   ouphes   porous   poseur   pusher   uphroe   uprose

v -   hooves   hovers   pooves   proves   shover   shrove

w -   powers   reshow   shower   whoops   whores   wooers

y -   hooeys   horsey   osprey   phooey   sphery   sypher

5 letters

a -   apers   apres   arose   asper   ephas   hares   harps   heaps   hears   hoars   horas   opahs   opera   pareo   pares   parse   paseo   pears   phase   praos   prase   presa   proas   psoae   rapes   raphe   reaps   rheas   sapor   shape   share   sharp   shear   spare   spear

b -   boors   bores   broos   brose   herbs   hobos   oboes   probe   rebop   robes   sober

c -   ceros   chops   chore   chose   cohos   cooer   coops   coper   copes   copse   cores   corps   corse   crops   echos   epoch   ocher   ochre   pechs   perch   pooch   porch   scoop   scope   score

d -   doers   doors   doper   dopes   dorps   doser   droop   drops   ephod   herds   hoods   hoped   horde   hosed   odors   oohed   ordos   pedro   poods   pored   posed   prods   redos   resod   rodeo   roods   roped   rosed   sherd   shoed   shred   spode

e -   ephor   erose   heres   heros   hoers   hoper   hopes   horse   peers   perse   pores   poser   prees   prese   prose   repos   roose   ropes   sheep   sheer   shoer   shore   speer   spore   spree

f -   fores   fresh   froes   frosh   hoofs   poofs   profs   proof   roofs   spoof

g -   goers   goops   goose   gores   gorps   gorse   grope   ogres   progs   sorgo

h -   ephor   heros   hoers   hoops   hoper   hopes   horse   poohs   shoer   shore

i -   heirs   hires   hoise   oorie   osier   peris   piers   poise   poori   pries   prise   ripes   shier   shire   speir   spier   spire

k -   hokes   hooks   kophs   okehs   perks   poker   pokes   porks   rooks   shook   spoke   spook

l -   helos   helps   herls   holes   hosel   lehrs   loops   loose   loper   lopes   lores   loser   oleos   orles   orlop   poler   poles   polos   pools   prole   roles   sheol   shlep   shool   shorl   sloop   slope   sorel   spool

m -   hemps   herms   homer   homes   homos   moors   moose   moper   mopes   mores   morph   morse   omers   oomph   perms   poems   pomes   proem   promo   proms   romeo   romps   rooms   sperm

n -   herns   heron   honer   hones   honor   horns   hosen   noose   opens   peons   phone   phono   phons   pones   poons   porno   porns   prone   senor   shone   shoon   shorn   snoop   snore   spoon

o -   ephor   heros   hoers   hoops   hoper   hopes   horse   poohs   pores   poser   prose   proso   repos   roose   ropes   shoer   shore   sopor   spoor   spore

p -   ephor   hoops   hoper   hopes   pepos   perps   poohs   poops   popes   pores   poser   preps   props   prose   proso   repos   repps   ropes   sopor   spoor   spore

q -   qophs

r -   ephor   heros   hoers   hoper   horse   pores   poser   prose   proso   repos   repro   roose   roper   ropes   shoer   shore   sopor   sorer   spoor   spore

s -   heros   hoers   hoops   hopes   horse   hoses   pesos   poohs   pores   poser   poses   posse   press   prose   proso   pross   repos   roose   ropes   roses   shoer   shoes   shoos   shops   shore   sophs   sopor   sores   spoor   spore

t -   estop   ethos   hoots   horst   ortho   other   pesto   photo   phots   poets   ports   prest   prost   repot   roost   roots   roset   rotes   rotos   shoot   short   shote   sooth   sport   stoop   stope   store   strep   strop   thoro   thorp   those   throe   toper   topes   tophe   tophs   topos   tores   toros   torse   torso   troop   trope

u -   euros   hours   house   ouphe   ouphs   pours   purse   roues   roups   rouse   sprue   super   usher

v -   hover   overs   poove   prove   roves   servo   shove   verso

w -   howes   power   prows   resow   serow   shrew   sower   swoop   swore   whoop   whops   whore   whose   whoso   wooer   woops   woosh   worse

x -   expos   poxes

y -   hooey   horsy   hyper   hypes   hypos   oyers   poesy   preys   prosy   pyres   ropey   sepoy   shyer   sooey   sophy   yores

z -   oozes   orzos   zeros

4 letters

a -   aero   aper   apes   apse   ares   arse   ears   epha   eras   haes   haps   hare   harp   hasp   heap   hear   hoar   hora   oars   opah   osar   pare   pars   pase   pash   pear   peas   prao   proa   rape   raps   rase   rash   rasp   reap   rhea   sear   sera   shea   soap   soar   sora   spae   spar

b -   boor   boos   bops   bore   bosh   broo   bros   herb   hobo   hobs   obes   oboe   orbs   rebs   robe   robs   sorb

c -   ceps   cero   chop   coho   coop   coos   cope   cops   core   cors   cosh   crop   echo   orcs   pech   pecs   poco   recs   rocs   scop   spec

d -   doer   does   door   dope   dore   dorp   dors   dose   drop   edhs   herd   hods   hoed   hood   odes   odor   ohed   oped   ordo   peds   pods   pood   prod   redo   reds   rode   rods   rood   shed   shod   sord   sped

e -   epos   eros   here   hero   hers   hoer   hoes   hope   hose   opes   ores   peer   pees   pehs   peso   pore   pose   pree   rees   repo   reps   resh   roes   rope   rose   seep   seer   sere   shoe   sore

f -   fehs   foes   fops   fore   froe   hoof   poof   prof   refs   roof   serf

g -   egos   ergo   ergs   goer   goes   goop   goos   gore   gorp   gosh   hogs   ogre   pegs   prog   regs   sego   shog

h -   hehs   hero   hers   hoer   hoes   hoop   hope   hops   hose   oohs   pehs   pooh   posh   resh   rhos   shoe   shoo   shop   soph

i -   heir   hies   hips   hire   ires   peri   phis   pier   pies   pish   piso   pois   reis   ripe   rips   rise   ship   shri   sipe   sire   sori

j -   joes   josh

k -   hoke   hook   keps   koph   kops   kore   kors   okeh   okes   perk   poke   pork   rook   skep   soke   sook

l -   helo   help   herl   hole   holp   hols   lehr   loop   loos   lope   lops   lore   lose   oleo   oles   orle   pole   polo   pols   pool   role   sloe   slop   sole   solo

m -   hemp   hems   herm   home   homo   mesh   mhos   moor   moos   mope   mops   more   mors   mosh   ohms   omer   perm   poem   pome   poms   prom   rems   romp   roms   room   shmo   some

n -   eons   erns   hens   hern   hone   hons   horn   noes   nope   nose   nosh   ones   open   pens   peon   phon   pone   pons   poon   porn   sone   soon   sorn

o -   epos   eros   hero   hoer   hoes   hoop   hope   hops   hose   oohs   oops   opes   ores   peso   pooh   poor   pore   pose   posh   pros   repo   rhos   roes   rope   rose   shoe   shoo   shop   soph   sore

p -   epos   hoop   hope   hops   oops   opes   pehs   pepo   peps   perp   peso   pooh   poop   poor   pope   pops   pore   pose   posh   prep   prop   pros   repo   repp   reps   rope   shop   soph

q -   qoph

r -   eros   errs   hero   hers   hoer   ores   poor   pore   pros   repo   reps   resh   rhos   roes   rope   rose   sore

s -   epos   eros   hers   hoes   hops   hose   oohs   oops   opes   ores   oses   pehs   peso   pose   posh   pros   reps   resh   rhos   roes   rose   sers   shes   shoe   shoo   shop   soph   sops   sore

t -   erst   eths   hest   hets   hoot   host   hots   oots   opts   orts   pert   pest   pets   phot   poet   port   post   pots   rest   rets   root   rote   roto   rots   sept   shot   soot   sort   soth   spot   step   stop   thro   toes   tope   toph   tops   tore   toro   tors   tosh   trop

u -   euro   hour   hues   opus   ouph   ours   pour   pure   purs   push   rhus   roue   roup   rues   ruse   rush   soup   sour   spue   spur   suer   supe   sure   user

v -   hove   over   revs   rove   voes

w -   hews   howe   hows   owes   owse   pews   phew   pows   prow   rows   shew   show   spew   swop   whop   woes   woos   wops   wore

x -   expo   oxes   prex

y -   espy   hoys   hype   hypo   hyps   oyer   oyes   posy   prey   pyes   pyre   ropy   rosy   ryes   spry   syph   yore

z -   ooze   orzo   prez   zero   zoos

3 letters

a -   ape   are   ars   ash   asp   ear   era   hae   hao   hap   has   oar   ora   pah   par   pas   pea   rah   rap   ras   sae   sap   sea   sha   spa

b -   boo   bop   bos   bro   hob   obe   orb   reb   rob   sob

c -   cep   coo   cop   cor   cos   orc   pec   rec   roc   sec

d -   doe   dor   dos   edh   eds   hod   ode   ods   ped   pod   red   rod   sod

e -   ere   ers   hep   her   hes   hoe   oes   ope   ore   ose   pee   peh   per   pes   ree   rep   res   roe   see   ser   she

f -   efs   feh   fer   foe   foh   fop   for   fro   ref

g -   ego   erg   goo   gor   gos   hog   peg   reg   seg

h -   heh   hep   her   hes   hoe   hop   oho   ohs   ooh   peh   poh   rho   she   shh

i -   hie   hip   his   ire   phi   pie   pis   poi   psi   rei   rip   sei   sip   sir   sri

j -   joe

k -   kep   kop   kor   kos   oke

l -   els   loo   lop   ole   pol   sel   sol

m -   ems   hem   mho   moo   mop   mor   mos   ohm   oms   pom   rem   rom   som

n -   ens   eon   ern   hen   hon   noh   noo   nor   nos   one   ons   pen   sen   son

o -   hoe   hop   oes   oho   ohs   ooh   ope   ops   ore   ors   ose   poh   pro   rho   roe   sop

p -   hep   hop   ope   ops   peh   pep   per   pes   poh   pop   pro   rep   sop

r -   err   ers   her   ore   ors   per   pro   rep   res   rho   roe   ser

s -   ers   ess   hes   oes   ohs   ops   ors   ose   pes   res   ser   she   sop   sos

t -   eth   het   hot   oot   opt   ort   pet   pht   pot   ret   rot   set   sot   the   tho   toe   too   top   tor

u -   hue   hup   our   pur   pus   rue   sou   sue   sup   upo   ups   use

v -   rev   voe

w -   hew   how   owe   pew   pow   row   sew   sow   who   woe   woo   wop   wos

x -   hex   oxo   pox   rex   sex   sox

y -   hey   hoy   hyp   pry   pye   rye   shy   soy   spy   yeh   yep   yes

z -   zoo

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