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Words formed from any letters in hone, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

d -   honed

f -   foehn

p -   phone

r -   heron   honer

s -   hones   hosen   shone

y -   honey

4 letters

a -   aeon   haen

b -   bone   ebon

c -   chon   cone   echo   once

d -   done   hoed   node   ohed

e -   hone

f -   fohn

g -   gone   hong

h -   hone

j -   jeon   john

k -   hoke   honk   keno   okeh

l -   enol   helo   hole   leno   lone   noel

m -   home   meno   nome   omen

n -   hone   neon   none

o -   hone

p -   hope   nope   open   peon   phon   pone

r -   hern   hero   hoer   horn

s -   eons   hens   hoes   hons   hose   noes   nose   nosh   ones   shoe   sone

t -   hent   note   then   tone

v -   hove   oven

w -   enow   hewn   howe   when

x -   exon   oxen

z -   zone

3 letters

a -   ane   hae   hao   nae   nah

b -   ben   hob   neb   nob   obe

c -   con

d -   den   doe   don   edh   end   hod   nod   ode

e -   eon   hen   hoe   nee   one

f -   feh   fen   foe   foh   fon

g -   ego   eng   gen   hog   nog

h -   heh   hen   hoe   hon   noh

i -   hie   hin   ion

j -   joe

k -   ken   oke

l -   ole

m -   hem   men   mho   mon   nom   ohm

n -   eon   hen   hon   noh   one

o -   eon   hoe   hon   noh   noo   oho   one   ooh

p -   hep   hop   ope   peh   pen   poh

r -   ern   her   nor   ore   rho   roe

s -   ens   hes   nos   oes   ohs   ons   ose   sen   she   son

t -   eth   het   hot   net   not   nth   ten   the   tho   toe   ton

u -   hue   hun

v -   voe

w -   hew   how   new   now   owe   own   wen   who   woe   won

x -   hex

y -   hey   hoy   yeh   yen   yon

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