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Words formed from any letters in hommock, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   hommocks

7 letters

a -   hammock

c -   hommock

h -   hommock

k -   hommock

m -   hommock

o -   hommock

u -   hummock

6 letters

l -   moloch

n -   common

r -   chromo

s -   chooks   hommos   smooch

5 letters

a -   achoo   comma   hooka   macho   mocha

b -   combo   coomb

c -   chock   chook   cooch   mooch

e -   chemo   choke

g -   cohog

h -   chook   hooch   mooch

i -   hoick   ohmic

j -   jocko

k -   chook

l -   cholo

m -   mooch

o -   chook   mooch

p -   chomp   compo   oomph   pooch

r -   crook

s -   cohos   cooks   hocks   homos   hooks   mocks   schmo   shock   shook   smock   socko

u -   hokum   khoum   mouch

y -   choky   commy   cooky   hooky

4 letters

a -   ammo   amok   cham   chao   coma   hack   mach   mack   mako

b -   bock   book   boom   comb   hobo   kobo

c -   cock   coco   coho   cook   hock   mock

d -   dock   doom   hood   mood

e -   coke   come   echo   heck   hoke   home   memo   moke   mome   okeh

f -   coof   hoof

g -   gook

h -   coho   hock   homo   hook

i -   hick   mick   momi

j -   jock   mojo

k -   cook   hock   hook   kook   mock

l -   cool   holk   holm   kohl   kolo   loch   lock   loco   look   loom   mool

m -   homo   mock

n -   chon   conk   coon   honk   monk   mono   moon   nock   nook

o -   coho   cook   hock   homo   hook   mock

p -   chop   comp   coop   hoop   koph   pock   poco   pooh

r -   cork   corm   moor   rock   rook   room

s -   coos   cosh   mhos   mocs   moms   moos   mosh   mosk   ohms   oohs   shmo   shoo   sock   sook

t -   coot   hoot   koto   moot   moth   took   toom

u -   chum   huck   much   muck   ouch

w -   chow   howk   whom

y -   homy   yock

z -   mozo   zoom

3 letters

a -   cam   ham   hao   koa   mac   moa   oak   oca   oka

b -   boo   cob   hob   kob   mob

c -   coo   moc

d -   cod   doc   dom   hod   mod

e -   hem   hoe   mem   oke

f -   foh

g -   cog   goo   hog   mog

h -   hmm   mho   ohm   oho   ooh

i -   chi   hic   him   ich   ick   khi   koi   mim

l -   col   loo   mol

m -   hmm   mho   moc   mom   moo   ohm

n -   con   hon   mon   noh   nom   noo

o -   coo   mho   moc   mom   moo   ohm   oho   ooh

p -   cop   hop   kop   mop   poh   pom

r -   cor   kor   mor   orc   rho   roc   rom

s -   cos   kos   mos   ohs   oms   som

t -   cot   hot   mot   oot   tho   tom   too

u -   cum   hum   mum   umm

w -   cow   cwm   how   mow   who   wok   woo

x -   cox   oxo

y -   coy   hoy   yok   yom

z -   coz   zoo

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