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Words formed from any letters in hemp, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

s -   hemps

y -   hempy

4 letters

a -   ahem   epha   haem   hame   heap

c -   pech

e -   heme   hemp

h -   hemp

k -   kemp

l -   helm   help

m -   hemp

o -   home   hope   mope   poem   pome

p -   hemp

r -   herm   perm

s -   hems   mesh   pehs

t -   meth   temp   them

u -   hump

w -   phew

y -   hype

3 letters

a -   amp   ape   hae   ham   hap   mae   map   pah   pam   pea

c -   cep   pec

d -   edh   med   ped

e -   eme   hem   hep   pee   peh

f -   emf   feh   fem

g -   gem   meg   peg

h -   heh   hem   hep   peh

i -   hie   him   hip   imp   phi   pie

k -   kep

l -   elm   mel

m -   hem   hmm   mem

n -   hen   men   pen

o -   hoe   hop   mho   mop   ohm   ope   poh   pom

p -   hep   peh   pep

r -   her   per   rem   rep

s -   ems   hes   pes   she

t -   eth   het   met   pet   pht   the

u -   emu   hue   hum   hup   ump

w -   hew   mew   pew

x -   hex

y -   hey   hyp   pye   yeh   yep

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