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Words formed from any letters in harl, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   lahar

c -   larch

e -   haler

i -   hilar

o -   horal

p -   ralph

s -   harls

4 letters

a -   alar   haar   harl

b -   blah

c -   arch   carl   char

d -   dahl   dhal   hard   lard

e -   earl   hale   hare   heal   hear   herl   lear   lehr   rale   real   rhea

f -   farl   half

h -   harl

i -   aril   hail   hair   hila   lair   lari   liar   lira   rail   rial

j -   jarl

k -   hark   lakh   lark

l -   hall   harl

m -   halm   harm   marl

o -   halo   hoar   hora   oral

p -   harp

r -   harl

s -   lars   lash   rash

t -   halt   hart   lath   rath   tahr

u -   haul   hula   hurl

y -   aryl   hyla

3 letters

a -   aah   aal   aha   ala   lar   rah

b -   alb   arb   bah   bal   bar   bra   lab

c -   arc   car   lac

d -   dah   dal   had   lad   rad

e -   ale   are   ear   era   hae   her   lea

f -   arf   far

g -   gal   gar   hag   lag   rag

h -   hah   rah

i -   ail   air   ria

j -   haj   jar   raj

k -   ark

l -   all   lar

m -   arm   ham   lam   mar   ram

n -   nah   ran

o -   hao   oar   ora   rho

p -   alp   hap   lap   pah   pal   par   rap

r -   lar   rah

s -   als   ars   ash   has   las   ras   sal   sha

t -   alt   art   hat   lat   rat   tar

v -   lav   var

w -   awl   haw   law   raw   war   wha

x -   lax   rax

y -   hay   lay   ray   rya   yah   yar

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