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Words formed from any letters in genic, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   incage

d -   ceding

h -   eching

o -   coigne

r -   cering   cringe

u -   cueing

5 letters

a -   acing

b -   begin   being   binge

c -   genic

d -   deign   dinge

e -   genic   genie   niece

f -   feign

g -   genic

h -   chine   hinge   neigh   niche

i -   genic   genii   icing

k -   eking

l -   cline   cling   ingle

m -   mince

n -   genic

o -   coign   conge   incog

p -   genip

r -   nicer   reign   renig

s -   cines   segni   sengi   since   singe

t -   tinge

u -   cuing

v -   given

w -   wince

x -   xenic

y -   eying   yince

4 letters

a -   acne   agin   cage   cain   cane   gaen   gain   gane

b -   bice   bine   gibe

c -   cine   nice

d -   cedi   deni   dice   dine   ding   gied   iced   nide

e -   cine   gene   gien   nice

f -   fice   fine   neif

g -   gien

h -   chin   inch   nigh

i -   cine   gien   nice

k -   geck   gink   kine   king   neck   nick

l -   ceil   glen   lice   lien   line   ling

m -   emic   mice   mien   mine

n -   cine   gien   nice   nine

o -   cion   coin   cone   coni   gone   icon   once

p -   epic   pein   pice   pine   ping

r -   cire   girn   grin   rein   rice   ring

s -   cigs   egis   engs   gens   gies   gins   ices   sice   sign   sine   sing

t -   cent   cite   etic   gent   nite   tine   ting

u -   genu   unci

v -   give   nevi   vein   vice   vine

w -   wine   wing

x -   nixe

z -   zein   zinc   zing

3 letters

a -   ace   age   ain   ane   ani   can   gae   gan   nae   nag

b -   beg   ben   big   bin   gib   neb   nib

c -   cig   ice

d -   den   die   dig   din   end   ged   gid

e -   cee   eng   gee   gen   gie   ice   nee

f -   fen   fie   fig   fin

g -   cig   egg   eng   gen   gie   gig   gin

h -   chi   ghi   hen   hic   hie   hin   ich

i -   cig   gie   gin   ice

j -   jig   jin

k -   ick   ink   keg   ken   kin

l -   cel   gel   leg   lei   lie   lin   nil

m -   gem   meg   men   mig   nim

n -   eng   gen   gin   inn

o -   cog   con   ego   eon   ion   nog   one

p -   cep   gip   nip   pec   peg   pen   pic   pie   pig   pin

r -   erg   ern   ire   rec   reg   rei   rig   rin

s -   cis   ens   ins   sec   seg   sei   sen   sic   sin

t -   get   git   net   nit   teg   ten   tic   tie   tin

u -   cue   ecu   gnu   gun

v -   veg   vie   vig

w -   new   wen   wig   win

x -   nix

y -   gey   icy   yen   yin

z -   zig   zin

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