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Words formed from any letters in foil, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   folia

l -   fillo

o -   folio

s -   filos   foils

4 letters

a -   alif   fail   fila   foal   loaf

b -   boil

c -   coif   coil   fico   flic   floc   foci   loci

d -   diol   fido   fold   idol   lido

e -   file   floe   lief   life

f -   filo   foil

g -   flog   golf

i -   filo   foil

k -   folk   kilo

l -   fill   filo   foil

m -   film   limo   milo   moil

n -   fino   foin   info   lino   lion   loin   noil

o -   filo   foil   fool   loof   olio

p -   flip   flop

r -   roil   rolf

s -   fils   oils   silo   soil   soli

t -   flit   lift   loft   loti   toil

u -   foul

v -   viol

w -   flow   fowl   wolf

y -   oily

3 letters

a -   ail   oaf

b -   bio   fib   fob   lib   lob   obi

c -   col

d -   dol   fid   lid   old

e -   elf   fie   foe   lei   lie   ole

f -   fil   iff   off

g -   fig   fog   log

h -   foh

i -   fil   oil

k -   ilk   kif   koi

l -   fil   ill   oil

m -   mil   mol

n -   fin   fon   ion   lin   nil

o -   loo   oil

p -   fop   lip   lop   poi   pol

r -   fir   for   fro   rif

s -   ifs   lis   sol

t -   fit   lit   lot   oft   til

u -   flu   fou

w -   low   owl

x -   fix   fox   lox

y -   fly   foy

z -   fiz

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