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Words formed from any letters in flan, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

i -   final

k -   flank

s -   flans

4 letters

a -   alan   alfa   anal   flan

b -   flab

c -   calf   clan

d -   land

e -   alef   elan   fane   feal   flea   lane   leaf   lean

f -   flan

g -   fang   flag   lang

h -   half

i -   alif   anil   fail   fain   fila   lain   naif   nail

k -   flak   lank

l -   fall   flan

m -   flam

n -   flan

o -   fano   foal   loaf   loan

p -   flap   plan

r -   farl

s -   fans

t -   flat

u -   faun   luna   ulan   ulna

w -   fawn   flaw   lawn

x -   falx   flax

y -   flay

3 letters

a -   aal   ala   ana   fan

b -   alb   bal   ban   lab   nab

c -   can   lac

d -   and   dal   fad   lad

e -   ale   ane   elf   fen   lea   nae

f -   aff   fan

g -   fag   gal   gan   lag   nag

h -   nah

i -   ail   ain   ani   fil   fin   lin   nil

k -   kaf

l -   all

m -   lam   man   nam

n -   fan   nan

o -   fon   oaf

p -   alp   lap   nap   pal   pan

r -   arf   far   lar   ran

s -   als   fas   las   sal

t -   aft   alt   ant   fat   lat   tan

u -   flu   fun

v -   lav   van

w -   awl   awn   law   naw   wan

x -   fax   lax

y -   any   fay   fly   lay   nay

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