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Words formed from any letters in fecal, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   faecal

i -   facile   fecial

s -   falces

u -   fecula

5 letters

a -   fecal

b -   cable   fable

c -   cecal   fecal

d -   clade   decaf   decal   faced   laced

e -   fecal

f -   fecal

g -   glace

h -   chafe   chela   leach

i -   calif   ileac

k -   flack   flake   fleck

l -   cella   fecal   fella

m -   camel   flame   fleam   macle

n -   clean   lance

o -   focal

p -   place

r -   carle   clear   facer   farce   farle   feral   flare   lacer

s -   alecs   alefs   cafes   calfs   clefs   faces   false   fleas   laces   leafs   scale

t -   cleat   cleft   eclat   facet   fetal

v -   calve   clave

y -   lacey   leafy   lycea

4 letters

a -   alae   alec   alef   alfa   cafe   calf   face   feal   flea   lace   leaf

b -   able   bale   blae   flab

c -   alec   cafe   calf   ceca   clef   face   lace

d -   aced   cade   clad   dace   dale   deaf   deal   delf   fade   fled   lade   lead

e -   alec   alee   alef   cafe   clef   face   feal   feel   flea   flee   lace   leaf

f -   alef   cafe   caff   calf   clef   face   feal   flea   leaf

g -   cage   clag   egal   flag   gale

h -   ache   chef   each   hale   half   heal   lech

i -   alif   ceil   fail   fice   fila   file   flic   ilea   laic   lice   lief   life

k -   cake   calk   fake   feck   flak   kale   lack   lake   leak

l -   alec   alef   calf   call   cell   clef   fall   feal   fell   flea   lace   leaf   leal

m -   acme   alme   calm   came   clam   fame   flam   lame   mace   male   meal

n -   acne   cane   clan   elan   fane   flan   lane   lean

o -   aloe   calo   coal   cola   cole   floc   floe   foal   loaf   loca   olea

p -   cape   clap   flap   leap   pace   pale   peal   pelf   plea

r -   acre   care   carl   earl   fare   farl   fear   frae   lear   race   rale   real

s -   aces   ales   case   cels   lacs   lase   leas   safe   sale   seal   self

t -   cate   celt   fact   fate   feat   felt   feta   flat   late   left   tace   tael   talc   tale   teal   tela

u -   caul   clue   flue   fuel   luce

v -   cave   fave   lave   leva   vale   veal   vela

w -   claw   clew   flaw   flew   wale   weal

x -   axel   axle   calx   falx   flax   flex

y -   acyl   clay   flay   fley   fyce   lacy

z -   faze   laze   zeal

3 letters

a -   aal   ace   ala   ale   lac   lea

b -   alb   bal   bel   cab   lab

c -   ace   cel   lac

d -   cad   dal   del   eld   fad   fed   lad   led

e -   ace   ale   cee   cel   eel   elf   fee   lea   lee

f -   aff   eff   elf

g -   age   fag   gae   gal   gel   lag   leg

h -   feh   hae

i -   ail   fie   fil   ice   lei   lie

k -   elk   kae   kaf   kea   kef   lek

l -   ale   all   cel   elf   ell   lac   lea

m -   cam   elm   emf   fem   lam   mac   mae   mel

n -   ane   can   fan   fen   nae

o -   col   foe   oaf   oca   ole

p -   alp   ape   cap   cep   lap   pac   pal   pea   pec

r -   arc   are   arf   car   ear   era   far   fer   lar   rec   ref

s -   als   efs   els   fas   las   sac   sae   sal   sea   sec   sel

t -   act   aft   alt   ate   cat   eat   eft   eta   fat   fet   lat   let   tae   tea   tel

u -   cue   eau   ecu   feu   flu   leu

v -   ave   lav   lev   vac

w -   awe   awl   caw   few   law   wae

x -   axe   fax   lax   lex

y -   aye   cay   fay   fey   fly   lay   ley   lye   yea

z -   fez   lez

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