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Words formed from any letters in fathead, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

l -   flathead

s -   fatheads

7 letters

a -   fathead

c -   cathead

d -   fathead

e -   fathead

f -   fathead

h -   fathead

i -   faithed

s -   shafted

t -   fathead

6 letters

a -   hafted

b -   abated   bathed

c -   chaeta   chafed   datcha   detach   facade

d -   hafted

e -   defeat   hafted   heated   hefted

f -   haffet   hafted

h -   hafted

k -   takahe

l -   alated   althea   daleth   halted   lathed

m -   hamate

n -   adnate   hanted

p -   heptad

r -   afeard   dafter   dearth   farted   father   hafter   hatred   rafted   thread   trefah

s -   deaths   defats   fashed   fasted   hasted

t -   fatted   hafted   hatted

w -   thawed   wafted

y -   deathy

5 letters

a -   aahed   ahead   death   defat   fated   hated

b -   abaft   abate   baaed   bated   bathe

c -   aceta   ached   acted   cadet   chafe   cheat   dacha   decaf   faced   facet   fetch   tache   teach   theca

d -   aahed   ahead   dated   death   defat   faded   fated   haded   hated

e -   aahed   ahead   death   defat   fated   feted   hated

f -   defat   fated

g -   adage   agate   fadge   gated

h -   aahed   ahead   death   hated   heath

i -   faith   fetid   tafia   thief

j -   jehad

k -   faked   kheda

l -   alate   dealt   delft   delta   fatal   fetal   hadal   haled   lated   lathe

m -   famed   mated   tamed

n -   antae   anted   faena   neath   thane

o -   doeth

p -   adapt   adept   depth   pated   taped

r -   after   arhat   dater   derat   draft   earth   fader   farad   fared   hared   hater   heard   heart   rated   rathe   reata   tared   trade   tread

s -   ashed   dates   deash   fades   fates   feast   feats   fetas   haafs   hades   hadst   haets   hafts   haste   hates   heads   heats   hefts   sadhe   sated   shade   shaft   sheaf   stade   stead   tsade

t -   death   defat   fated   hated   theft   theta

u -   haute

w -   fatwa   hawed   tawed   wheat

x -   faxed   hexad   taxed

y -   adyta   fayed   hayed   heady   hefty

z -   fazed   hazed

4 letters

a -   daft   data   date   deaf   eath   fade   fate   feat   feta   haaf   hade   haed   haet   haft   hate   head   heat   thae

b -   abed   abet   bade   baht   bate   bath   bead   beat   beta   beth   debt

c -   aced   ache   acta   cade   cafe   cate   chad   chat   chef   dace   each   etch   face   fact   tace   tach

d -   dada   daft   data   date   dead   deaf   deft   fade   hade   haed   head

e -   date   deaf   deet   deft   eath   fade   fate   feat   feed   feet   feta   fete   hade   haed   haet   hate   head   heat   heed   heft   teed   thae   thee

f -   daff   daft   deaf   deft   fade   fate   feat   feta   haaf   haft   heft   teff

g -   aged   agha   egad   gaed   gate   geta   ghat

h -   eath   haaf   hade   haed   haet   haft   haha   hate   hath   head   heat   heft   heth   thae

i -   adit   aide   defi   diet   dita   dite   edit   fiat   hide   hied   idea   tide   tied

j -   hadj   jade

k -   dhak   fake   hake   kata   khaf   khat   khet   taka   take   teak

l -   alae   alef   alfa   dahl   dale   deal   delf   delt   dhal   feal   felt   flat   flea   fled   hale   half   halt   heal   held   lade   late   lath   lead   leaf   left   tael   tala   tale   teal   tela

m -   ahem   amah   atma   dame   fame   haem   hame   made   mate   math   mead   meat   meta   meth   tame   team   them

n -   anta   ante   dean   dent   etna   fane   fend   haen   hand   hant   hent   nada   neat   tend   than   then

o -   dato   doat   dote   doth   fado   feod   hoed   oath   odea   ohed   toad   toea   toed

p -   aped   atap   epha   heap   pate   path   peat   phat   tapa   tape   tepa

r -   afar   area   dare   dart   dear   drat   fard   fare   fart   fear   frae   frat   fret   haar   hard   hare   hart   hear   herd   raft   rate   rath   read   reft   rhea   tahr   tare   tear   trad   tref

s -   aahs   asea   ates   dahs   dash   east   eats   edhs   efts   etas   eths   fads   fash   fast   fats   feds   fehs   fets   haes   hast   hats   hest   hets   sade   safe   sate   seat   seta   shad   shat   shea   shed   tads   teas   teds

t -   daft   data   date   deft   eath   fate   feat   feta   haet   haft   hate   heat   heft   tate   teat   teth   thae   that

u -   daut   duet   feud   haut   hued   thud   tufa

v -   deva   fava   fave   have

w -   awed   dawt   thaw   thew   twae   wade   waft   weft   what   whet

x -   axed   taxa

y -   ayah   defy   hyte   they   yeah

z -   adze   daze   faze   haze   zeta

3 letters

a -   aah   aft   aha   ate   dah   eat   eta   fad   fat   had   hae   hat   tad   tae   tea

b -   aba   baa   bad   bah   bat   bed   bet   dab   deb   tab

c -   ace   act   cad   cat

d -   add   dad   dah   edh   fad   fed   had   tad   ted

e -   ate   dee   eat   edh   eft   eta   eth   fed   fee   feh   fet   hae   het   tae   tea   ted   tee   the

f -   aff   aft   eff   eft   fad   fat   fed   feh   fet

g -   aga   age   dag   fag   gad   gae   gat   ged   get   hag   tag   teg

h -   aah   aha   dah   edh   eth   feh   had   hae   hah   hat   heh   het   the

i -   aid   ait   die   dit   fid   fie   fit   hid   hie   hit   tie

j -   haj   jet   taj

k -   dak   kae   kaf   kat   kea   kef

l -   aal   ala   ale   alt   dal   del   eld   elf   lad   lat   lea   led   let   tel

m -   ama   dam   emf   fem   ham   hem   mad   mae   mat   med   met   tam

n -   ana   and   ane   ant   den   end   fan   fen   hen   nae   nah   net   nth   tan   ten

o -   ado   doe   dot   foe   foh   hao   hod   hoe   hot   oaf   oat   ode   oft   tao   tho   tod   toe

p -   ape   apt   dap   hap   hep   pad   pah   pat   pea   ped   peh   pet   pht   tap

q -   qat

r -   are   arf   art   ear   era   far   fer   her   rad   rah   rat   red   ref   ret   tar

s -   aas   ads   ash   eds   efs   fas   has   hes   sad   sae   sat   sea   set   sha   she   tas

t -   aft   ate   att   eat   eft   eta   eth   fat   fet   hat   het   tad   tae   tat   tea   ted   tet   the

u -   due   duh   eau   feu   fud   hue   hut   tau   uta

v -   ava   ave   dev   tav   vat   vet

w -   awa   awe   daw   dew   few   haw   hew   taw   tew   twa   wad   wae   wat   wed   wet   wha

x -   axe   dex   fax   hex   tax

y -   aye   day   dey   dye   fay   fey   hay   hey   thy   tye   yah   yea   yeh   yet

z -   adz   fez   zed

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