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Words formed from any letters in elect, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

r -   tercel

s -   elects   select

5 letters

a -   cleat   eclat   elate   telae

b -   betel   celeb

c -   elect

e -   elect

f -   cleft   fleet

g -   gleet

h -   leech   letch   lethe

i -   elite   telic

j -   eject

k -   cleek

l -   elect

p -   clepe   clept

r -   creel   erect   relet   terce

s -   celts   cetes   leets   sleet   steel   stele   teels   teles

t -   elect

u -   culet   elute

x -   excel   telex

y -   lycee

4 letters

a -   alec   alee   cate   lace   late   tace   tael   talc   tale   teal   tela

b -   beet   belt   blet

c -   celt   cete

d -   cede   deet   dele   delt   teed

e -   celt   cete   leet   teel   tele

f -   clef   feel   feet   felt   fete   flee   left

g -   gelt   glee

h -   eche   etch   heel   lech   thee

i -   ceil   cite   clit   etic   lice   lite   tile

j -   jete

k -   keel   keet   leek   leke

l -   cell   celt   leet   teel   tele   tell

m -   meet   melt   mete   teem

n -   cent   lent   teen

o -   clot   cole   colt   cote   tole

p -   cepe   lept   peel   pele   pelt

r -   cere   leer   reel   rete   tree

s -   cees   cels   eels   else   lees   lest   lets   sect   seel   tees   tels

t -   celt   cete   leet   teel   tele

u -   clue   cult   cute   luce   lute   tule

w -   clew   twee   weel   weet   welt

x -   exec

y -   eely   tyee

3 letters

a -   ace   act   ale   alt   ate   cat   eat   eta   lac   lat   lea   tae   tea

b -   bee   bel   bet

c -   cee   cel

d -   dee   del   eld   led   ted

e -   cee   cel   eel   lee   let   tee   tel

f -   eft   elf   fee   fet

g -   gee   gel   get   leg   teg

h -   eth   het   the

i -   ice   lei   lie   lit   tic   tie   til

j -   jee   jet

k -   eke   elk   lek

l -   cel   eel   ell   lee   let   tel

m -   elm   eme   mel   met

n -   nee   net   ten

o -   col   cot   lot   ole   toe

p -   cep   pec   pee   pet

r -   ere   rec   ree   ret

s -   els   sec   see   sel   set

t -   let   tee   tel   tet

u -   cue   cut   ecu   leu

v -   eve   lev   vee   vet

w -   ewe   tew   wee   wet

x -   lex

y -   eye   ley   lye   tye   yet

z -   lez   zee

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