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Words formed from any letters in dibs, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

e -   bides

n -   binds

r -   birds   dribs

4 letters

a -   aids   bads   bias   dabs   dais   isba   sadi   said

b -   bibs   bids   dibs   sibb

c -   disc

d -   bids   dibs

e -   beds   bide   bise   debs   dies   ides   side

f -   fibs   fids

g -   bigs   digs   gibs   gids

h -   dish

i -   bids   dibs   ibis

j -   jibs

k -   bisk   disk   kids   skid

l -   libs   lids   sild   slid

m -   dims   mibs   mids

n -   bind   bins   dins   nibs   snib

o -   bios   bods   obis

p -   dips

r -   bird   bris   drib   ribs   rids

s -   bids   dibs   diss   sibs

t -   bits   dits

u -   buds   dubs

y -   yids

3 letters

a -   abs   ads   aid   ais   bad   bas   dab   sab   sad

b -   bib   bid   bis   dib   sib

c -   cis   sic

d -   bid   dib   did   dis   ids

e -   bed   deb   die   eds   sei

f -   fib   fid   ifs

g -   big   dig   gib   gid

h -   hid   his

i -   bid   bis   dib   dis   ids   sib

j -   jib

k -   kid   ski

l -   lib   lid   lis

m -   dim   ism   mib   mid   mis   sim

n -   bin   din   ins   nib   sin

o -   bio   bod   bos   dos   obi   ods   sob   sod

p -   dip   pis   psi   sip

r -   rib   rid   sir   sri

s -   bis   dis   ids   sib   sis

t -   bit   dit   its   sit   tis

u -   bud   bus   dub   dui   sub

v -   vis

w -   wis

x -   six   xis

y -   bys   yid

z -   biz

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