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Words formed from any letters in dense, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

c -   censed

d -   sended

i -   denies   dienes   seined

l -   lensed

m -   emends   mensed

o -   donees

r -   denser   enders   resend   sender

s -   sensed

t -   nested   tensed

u -   endues   ensued

5 letters

a -   aedes   deans   eased   saned   sedan

b -   bends   benes

c -   cedes   cense   scend   scene

d -   deeds   denes   dense   ended   needs

e -   denes   dense   needs

f -   feeds   fends

g -   edges   genes   sedge

h -   heeds   sheen   shend

i -   diene   dines   nides   seine   snide

k -   dekes   keens   kneed   knees   skeed   skeen   skene

l -   deles   lends   lenes   lense

m -   deems   demes   emend   meeds   mends   mense   mesne   neems   semen

n -   denes   dense   needs   nenes

o -   donee   nodes   nosed   sonde

p -   deeps   neeps   pedes   peens   pends   penes   speed   spend

r -   deers   drees   ender   ernes   nerds   redes   reeds   rends   seder   sered   sneer

s -   denes   dense   needs   seeds   sends   sense   sneds

t -   deets   dents   sente   steed   teens   tends   tense

u -   dunes   endue   ensue   nudes   suede   undee

v -   evens   neves   seven   vends

w -   sewed   swede   weeds   weens   wends

x -   desex   dexes   sexed

y -   dynes   needy   seedy

4 letters

a -   ands   anes   dean   ease   sade   sand   sane

b -   beds   been   bees   bend   bene   bens   debs   nebs

c -   cede   cees

d -   deed   dees   dene   dens   ends   need   seed   send   sned

e -   dees   dene   dens   ends   need   seed   seen   send   sene   sned

f -   feds   feed   fees   fend   fens

g -   edge   engs   geds   geed   gees   gene   gens

h -   edhs   heed   hens   shed

i -   deni   dies   dine   dins   eide   ides   nide   side   sine

j -   jeed   jees

k -   deke   desk   eked   ekes   keen   kens   knee   seek   skee

l -   dele   dels   eels   elds   else   lees   lend   lens   seel   sled

m -   deem   deme   emes   meed   mend   neem   seem   seme

n -   dene   dens   ends   need   nene   seen   send   sene   sned

o -   does   done   dons   dose   eons   node   nods   noes   nose   odes   ones   sone

p -   deep   neep   peds   peed   peen   pees   pend   pens   seep   sped

r -   deer   dere   dree   erne   erns   nerd   rede   reds   reed   rees   rend   seer   sere

s -   dees   dens   ends   eses   ness   seed   seen   sees   send   sene   sned

t -   deet   dent   nest   nets   sent   teds   teed   teen   tees   tend   tens

u -   dues   dune   duns   nude   sued   unde   used

v -   devs   even   eves   neve   vees   vend

w -   dews   ewes   news   sewn   weds   weed   ween   wees   wend   wens

x -   exes

y -   deny   deys   dyes   dyne   eyed   eyen   eyes   eyne   snye   syne   yens

z -   zeds   zees

3 letters

a -   ads   and   ane   nae   sad   sae   sea

b -   bed   bee   ben   deb   neb

c -   cee   sec

d -   dee   den   eds   end

e -   dee   den   eds   end   ens   nee   see   sen

f -   efs   fed   fee   fen

g -   eng   ged   gee   gen   seg

h -   edh   hen   hes   she

i -   die   din   dis   ids   ins   sei   sin

j -   jee

k -   eke   ken

l -   del   eel   eld   els   led   lee   sel

m -   eme   ems   med   men

n -   den   end   ens   nee   sen

o -   doe   don   dos   eon   nod   nos   ode   ods   oes   one   ons   ose   sod   son

p -   ped   pee   pen   pes

r -   ere   ern   ers   red   ree   res   ser

s -   eds   ens   ess   see   sen

t -   net   set   ted   tee   ten

u -   due   dun   nus   sue   sun   uns   use

v -   dev   eve   vee

w -   dew   ewe   new   sew   wed   wee   wen

x -   dex   sex

y -   dey   dye   eye   syn   yen   yes

z -   zed   zee

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