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Words formed from any letters in dank, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

e -   knead   naked

r -   drank

4 letters

a -   dank   kana   nada

b -   band   bank

d -   dank

e -   dean   kane

g -   dang

h -   ankh   dhak   hand   hank   khan

i -   akin   dink   kadi   kain   kina   kind

k -   dank

l -   land   lank

m -   damn

n -   dank

o -   dona   kaon   koan

p -   knap

r -   dark   darn   karn   knar   nard   nark   rand   rank

s -   ands   daks   sand   sank

t -   tank

u -   dunk   kuna

w -   dawk   dawn   wand

y -   yank

3 letters

a -   ana   and   dak

b -   bad   ban   dab   kab   nab

c -   cad   can

d -   add   and   dad   dak

e -   ane   den   end   kae   kea   ken   nae

f -   fad   fan   kaf

g -   dag   gad   gan   nag

h -   dah   had   nah

i -   aid   ain   ani   din   ink   kid   kin

k -   dak

l -   dal   lad

m -   dam   mad   man   nam

n -   and   nan

o -   ado   don   koa   nod   oak   oka

p -   dap   nap   pad   pan

r -   ark   rad   ran

s -   ads   ask   kas   sad   ska

t -   ant   kat   tad   tan

u -   auk   dun

v -   van

w -   awn   daw   naw   wad   wan

y -   any   day   kay   nay   yak

z -   adz

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