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Words formed from any letters in cool, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

g -   colog

h -   cholo

n -   colon

r -   color

s -   cools   locos

t -   cloot

y -   cooly

4 letters

a -   calo   coal   cola   loca

b -   bloc   bolo   lobo   obol

c -   coco   cool   loco

d -   clod   cold

e -   cole   oleo

f -   coof   floc   fool   loof

g -   clog   logo

h -   coho   loch

i -   coil   loci   olio

k -   cook   kolo   lock   look

l -   cool   loco

m -   loom   mool

n -   clon   coon   loon   nolo

o -   cool   loco

p -   clop   coop   loop   poco   polo   pool

s -   cols   coos   loos   solo

t -   clot   colt   coot   loot   tool

w -   cowl   wool

y -   cloy   coly

3 letters

a -   lac   oca

b -   boo   cob   lob

c -   col   coo

d -   cod   doc   dol   old

e -   cel   ole

g -   cog   goo   log

h -   oho   ooh

i -   oil

l -   col   loo

m -   moc   mol   moo

n -   con   noo

o -   col   coo   loo

p -   cop   lop   pol

r -   cor   orc   roc

s -   cos   sol

t -   cot   lot   oot   too

w -   cow   low   owl   woo

x -   cox   lox   oxo

y -   coy

z -   coz   zoo

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