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Words formed from any letters in clip, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   pical   plica

s -   clips

t -   clipt

u -   picul

4 letters

a -   clap   laic   lipa   pail   pial   pica

b -   blip

c -   clip

e -   ceil   epic   lice   lipe   pice   pile   plie

f -   flic   flip

h -   chip   lich

i -   clip   pili

k -   lick   pick

l -   clip   pill

m -   limp

o -   clop   coil   loci

p -   clip

s -   lips   lisp   pics   slip   spic

t -   clit

u -   puli

y -   pily   pyic

3 letters

a -   ail   alp   cap   lac   lap   pac   pal   pia

b -   lib

c -   pic

d -   dip   lid

e -   cel   cep   ice   lei   lie   pec   pie

f -   fil

g -   cig   gip   pig

h -   chi   hic   hip   ich   phi

i -   lip   pic

k -   ick   ilk   kip

l -   ill   lip

m -   imp   mil

n -   lin   nil   nip   pin

o -   col   cop   lop   oil   poi   pol

p -   lip   pic   pip

r -   rip

s -   cis   lis   pis   psi   sic   sip

t -   lit   pit   tic   til   tip

u -   cup   piu   pul

x -   pix

y -   icy   ply   yip

z -   zip

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