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Words formed from any letters in cafe, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

d -   decaf   faced

h -   chafe

l -   fecal

r -   facer   farce

s -   cafes   faces

t -   facet

4 letters

a -   cafe   face

c -   cafe   ceca   face

d -   aced   cade   dace   deaf   fade

e -   cafe   face

f -   cafe   caff   face

g -   cage

h -   ache   chef   each

i -   fice

k -   cake   fake   feck

l -   alec   alef   calf   clef   feal   flea   lace   leaf

m -   acme   came   fame   mace

n -   acne   cane   fane

p -   cape   pace

r -   acre   care   fare   fear   frae   race

s -   aces   case   safe

t -   cate   fact   fate   feat   feta   tace

v -   cave   fave

y -   fyce

z -   faze

3 letters

a -   ace

b -   cab

c -   ace

d -   cad   fad   fed

e -   ace   cee   fee

f -   aff   eff

g -   age   fag   gae

h -   feh   hae

i -   fie   ice

k -   kae   kaf   kea   kef

l -   ale   cel   elf   lac   lea

m -   cam   emf   fem   mac   mae

n -   ane   can   fan   fen   nae

o -   foe   oaf   oca

p -   ape   cap   cep   pac   pea   pec

r -   arc   are   arf   car   ear   era   far   fer   rec   ref

s -   efs   fas   sac   sae   sea   sec

t -   act   aft   ate   cat   eat   eft   eta   fat   fet   tae   tea

u -   cue   eau   ecu   feu

v -   ave   vac

w -   awe   caw   few   wae

x -   axe   fax

y -   aye   cay   fay   fey   yea

z -   fez

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