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Words formed from any letters in blossom, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   blossoms

y -   blossomy

7 letters

b -   blossom

d -   bossdom

e -   osmoles

h -   sholoms

l -   blossom

m -   blossom

n -   bolsons

o -   blossom

s -   blossom

y -   symbols

6 letters

a -   abloom   moolas   sambos

b -   blooms   bosoms

c -   combos   coombs   cosmos

d -   bloods   sodoms

e -   besoms   emboss   looses   oboles   osmole   osmose

g -   glooms   gombos

h -   sholom   shools

i -   limbos   lissom

k -   sokols

l -   blooms   osmols

m -   blooms   bosoms   osmols

n -   bolson   bosons   snools   solons

o -   blooms   bosoms   osmols

p -   bloops   sloops   spools

r -   bromos   brooms

s -   blooms   bosoms   osmols

t -   boosts   smolts   sotols   stools

u -   obolus   osmous   solums

y -   bloomy   bosomy   symbol

5 letters

a -   ambos   balms   basso   blams   bolas   lambs   lasso   loams   molas   moola   sambo   slabs   slams   somas

b -   blobs   bloom   bolos   bombs   boobs   booms   bosom   lobos   obols   slobs

c -   blocs   clomb   combo   combs   cools   coomb   locos

d -   blood   bolds   dooms   molds   moods   sodom   soldo

e -   besom   bless   boles   lobes   loess   loose   loses   moles   moose   oboes   obole   oleos   sloes   soles

f -   floss   fools   loofs

g -   globs   gloms   gloom   gloss   gobos   gombo   logos   slogs   smogs

h -   hobos   holms   homos   shool   shoos   slosh

i -   bliss   boils   limbo   limbs   limos   milos   misos   moils   oboli   olios   silos   slims   soils

j -   mojos

k -   books   bosks   kobos   kolos   looks   mosks   sokol   sooks

l -   bloom   bolls   bolos   lobos   looms   molls   mools   obols   osmol   slobs   solos

m -   bloom   booms   bosom   looms   mools   mosso   osmol

n -   boons   boson   loons   monos   moons   nolos   nomos   snobs   snool   solon

o -   bloom   bolos   booms   bosom   lobos   looms   mools   mosso   obols   osmol   slobs   solos

p -   bloop   loops   polos   pools   sloop   slops   spool

r -   boors   bromo   broom   broos   moors   rooms   sorbs

s -   bolos   booms   bosom   lobos   looms   mools   mosso   obols   osmol   slobs   solos

t -   blots   bolts   boost   boots   loots   lotos   molto   molts   moots   mosts   slots   smolt   soots   sotol   stobs   stool   tombs   tools

u -   bolus   slubs   slums   solum   solus   souls   sumos   umbos

w -   blows   bowls   slows   swobs   wombs   wools

y -   boomy   bossy   boyos   looby   lossy   mossy

z -   bozos   mozos   zooms

4 letters

a -   abos   albs   alms   also   ambo   balm   bals   bams   bass   blam   boas   bola   labs   lamb   lams   lass   loam   mass   moas   mola   ossa   sabs   sals   slab   slam   sola   soma

b -   blob   bobs   bolo   bomb   boob   boom   boos   boss   lobo   lobs   mobs   obol   slob   sobs

c -   bloc   cobs   cols   comb   cool   coos   coss   loco   mocs

d -   bods   bold   dols   doms   doom   doss   mods   mold   mood   olds   sods   sold

e -   bels   bole   elms   less   lobe   lose   mels   mess   mole   obes   oboe   oleo   oles   oses   sels   sloe   sole   some

f -   fobs   fool   foss   loof

g -   bogs   glob   glom   gobo   gobs   goos   logo   logs   mogs   slog   smog

h -   bosh   hobo   hobs   holm   hols   homo   mhos   mosh   ohms   oohs   shmo   shoo

i -   bios   boil   isms   libs   limb   limo   mibs   milo   mils   miso   miss   moil   obis   oils   olio   sibs   silo   sims   slim   soil   soli

j -   jobs   joss   mojo

k -   book   bosk   kobo   kobs   kolo   koss   look   mosk   sook

l -   boll   bolo   lobo   lobs   loom   loos   loss   moll   mols   mool   obol   slob   solo   sols

m -   boom   loom   mobs   mols   moms   mool   moos   moss

n -   boon   loon   mono   mons   moon   nobs   nolo   noms   snob   sons   soon

o -   bolo   boom   boos   boss   lobo   lobs   loom   loos   loss   mobs   mols   mool   moos   moss   obol   slob   sobs   solo   sols

p -   bops   loop   lops   mops   oops   polo   pols   poms   pool   slop   sops

r -   boor   broo   bros   moor   mors   orbs   robs   roms   room   sorb

s -   boos   boss   lobs   loos   loss   mobs   mols   moos   moss   slob   sobs   solo   sols

t -   blot   bolt   boot   bots   loot   lost   lots   molt   moot   most   mots   oots   slot   soot   sots   stob   tomb   toms   tool   toom   toss

u -   bums   buss   lums   muss   slub   slum   soul   sous   subs   sumo   sums   umbo

w -   blow   bowl   bows   lows   mows   owls   slow   sows   swob   womb   wool   woos

y -   boyo   boys   moly   soys   sybo   yobs

z -   bozo   mozo   zoom   zoos

3 letters

a -   abo   abs   alb   als   ass   bal   bam   bas   boa   lab   lam   las   mas   moa   sab   sal

b -   bob   boo   bos   lob   mob   sob

c -   cob   col   coo   cos   moc

d -   bod   dol   dom   dos   mod   ods   old   sod

e -   bel   elm   els   ems   ess   mel   obe   oes   ole   ose   sel

f -   fob

g -   bog   gob   goo   gos   log   mog

h -   hob   mho   ohm   oho   ohs   ooh

i -   bio   bis   ism   lib   lis   mib   mil   mis   obi   oil   sib   sim   sis

j -   job

k -   kob   kos

l -   lob   loo   mol   sol

m -   mob   mol   mom   moo   mos   oms   som

n -   mon   nob   nom   noo   nos   ons   son

o -   boo   bos   lob   loo   mob   mol   moo   mos   oms   sob   sol   som   sos

p -   bop   lop   mop   ops   pol   pom   sop

r -   bro   mor   orb   ors   rob   rom

s -   bos   mos   oms   sob   sol   som   sos

t -   bot   lot   mot   oot   sot   tom   too

u -   bum   bus   lum   mus   sou   sub   sum

w -   bow   low   mow   owl   sow   woo   wos

x -   box   lox   oxo   sox

y -   boy   bys   sly   soy   yob   yom

z -   zoo

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