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Words formed from any letters in betaxed, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   betaxed

b -   betaxed

c -   exacted

d -   betaxed   debated

e -   betaxed

j -   jetbead

l -   belated   bleated   exalted

m -   bedmate

r -   berated   debater   rebated   retaxed   tabered

s -   bestead   debates

t -   abetted   betaxed

u -   exudate

x -   betaxed

6 letters

a -   abated   debate

b -   debate   tabbed

d -   beaded   debate

e -   debate

f -   defeat

h -   bathed   behead   heated   hexade

i -   baited   betide   exited   ideate   taxied

k -   beaked   betake   debeak

l -   beadle   belted   delate   elated   tabled

m -   beamed   meated   taxeme   teamed

n -   anteed   beaned   beaten   extend

o -   boated   teabox

p -   pedate

r -   beater   berate   derate   dexter   exedra   rebate   redate   teared

s -   axseed   basted   bested   debase   seabed   seated   sedate   teased

t -   batted   betted   debate   teated

u -   tabued

5 letters

a -   abate   baaed   bated   taxed

b -   bated   ebbed   ebbet

c -   acted   cadet   exact   xebec

d -   bated   dated   taxed

e -   bated   taxed

f -   defat   fated   faxed   feted

g -   badge   begat   beget   gated

h -   bathe   death   hated   hexad   hexed   thebe

i -   abide   axite   bidet   debit   dexie   tabid

k -   baked

l -   abele   axled   baled   bedel   betel   blade   blate   bleat   bleed   dealt   delta   elate   exalt   lated   latex   table   telae   telex

m -   adeem   edema   embed   mated   meted   tamed

n -   anted   baned   eaten   enate

o -   abode   adobe   boxed   detox

p -   adept   etape   expat   pated   taped

r -   ardeb   arete   barde   bared   beard   beret   bread   brede   breed   dater   debar   derat   deter   eared   eater   exert   extra   rated   raxed   retax   taber   tared   taxer   trade   tread   treed

s -   abets   aedes   based   baste   bates   beads   beast   beats   beets   beset   betas   dates   debts   deets   desex   dexes   eased   sabed   sated   setae   sexed   stade   stead   steed   tabes   taxes   tease   texas   tsade

t -   bated   betta   taxed

u -   beaut   beaux   daube   debut   etude   exude   tubae   tubed

v -   deave   eaved   evade   vexed

w -   bedew   dewax   dweeb   tawed   tewed   tweed   waxed

x -   taxed

y -   bayed   beady   debye

4 letters

a -   abed   abet   axed   bade   bate   bead   beat   beta   data   date   taxa

b -   abbe   abed   abet   babe   bade   bate   bead   beat   beet   beta   debt

c -   aced   cade   cate   cede   cete   dace   exec   tace

d -   abed   axed   bade   bead   date   dead   debt   deed   deet   teed

e -   abed   abet   axed   bade   bate   bead   beat   beet   beta   date   debt   deet   teed

f -   beef   daft   deaf   deft   fade   fate   feat   feed   feet   feta   fete

g -   aged   agee   edge   egad   gaed   gate   geed   geta

h -   baht   bath   beth   eath   hade   haed   haet   hate   head   heat   hebe   heed   thae   thee

i -   adit   aide   bait   bide   bite   diet   dita   dite   edit   eide   exit   ibex   idea   taxi   tide   tied

j -   ajee   jade   jeed   jete

k -   akee   bake   beak   deke   eked   keet   take   teak

l -   able   alee   axel   axle   bald   bale   belt   blae   blat   bled   blet   dale   deal   dele   delt   lade   late   lead   leet   tael   tale   teal   teel   tela   tele

m -   beam   bema   dame   deem   deme   exam   mabe   made   mate   mead   meat   meed   meet   meta   mete   tame   team   teem

n -   ante   band   bane   bean   been   bend   bene   bent   dean   dene   dent   etna   nabe   neat   need   next   teen   tend

o -   boat   bode   bota   dato   doat   dote   odea   toad   toea   toed

p -   aped   apex   beep   deep   pate   peat   peed   tape   tepa

r -   bard   bare   bear   beer   brad   brae   brat   bred   bree   darb   dare   dart   dear   deer   dere   drab   drat   dree   rate   read   rede   reed   rete   tare   tear   trad   tree

s -   ates   axes   bads   base   bast   bats   beds   bees   best   bets   dabs   debs   dees   ease   east   eats   etas   exes   sabe   sade   sate   seat   seed   seta   sext   stab   tabs   tads   teas   teds   tees

t -   abet   bate   batt   beat   beet   beta   date   debt   deet   tate   teat   teed   text

u -   abut   baud   beau   bedu   bute   daub   daut   duet   eaux   tabu   tuba   tube

v -   deva   eave   vext

w -   awed   awee   bawd   dawt   twae   twee   wade   weed   weet

x -   axed

y -   abye   byte   dexy   eyed   tyee

z -   adze   daze   zeta

3 letters

a -   aba   ate   axe   baa   bad   bat   dab   eat   eta   tab   tad   tae   tax   tea

b -   bad   bat   bed   bee   bet   dab   deb   ebb   tab

c -   ace   act   cab   cad   cat   cee

d -   add   bad   bed   dab   dad   deb   dee   dex   tad   ted

e -   ate   axe   bed   bee   bet   deb   dee   dex   eat   eta   tae   tea   ted   tee

f -   aft   eft   fad   fat   fax   fed   fee   fet

g -   age   bag   beg   dag   gab   gad   gae   gat   ged   gee   get   tag   teg

h -   bah   dah   edh   eth   had   hae   hat   het   hex   the

i -   aid   ait   bid   bit   dib   die   dit   tie

j -   jab   jee   jet   taj

k -   dak   eke   kab   kae   kat   kea   kex

l -   alb   ale   alt   bal   bel   dal   del   eel   eld   lab   lad   lat   lax   lea   led   lee   let   lex   tel

m -   bam   dam   eme   mad   mae   mat   max   med   met   tam

n -   and   ane   ant   ban   ben   den   end   nab   nae   neb   nee   net   tan   ten

o -   abo   ado   boa   bod   bot   box   doe   dot   oat   obe   ode   tao   tod   toe

p -   ape   apt   bap   dap   pad   pat   pax   pea   ped   pee   pet   tap

q -   qat

r -   arb   are   art   bar   bra   ear   era   ere   rad   rat   rax   reb   red   ree   ret   rex   tar

s -   abs   ads   bas   eds   sab   sad   sae   sat   sax   sea   see   set   sex   tas

t -   ate   att   bat   bet   eat   eta   tab   tad   tae   tat   tax   tea   ted   tee   tet

u -   bud   but   dub   due   eau   tau   tub   tux   uta

v -   ave   dev   eve   tav   vat   vee   vet   vex

w -   awe   daw   dew   ewe   taw   tew   twa   wab   wad   wae   wat   wax   web   wed   wee   wet

x -   axe   dex   tax

y -   aby   aye   bay   bey   bye   day   dey   dye   eye   tye   yea   yet

z -   adz   zax   zed   zee

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