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Words formed from any letters in ape, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

4 letters

c -   cape   pace

d -   aped

g -   gape   page   peag

h -   epha   heap

j -   jape

k -   peak

l -   leap   pale   peal   plea

n -   nape   neap   pane   pean

r -   aper   pare   pear   rape   reap

s -   apes   apse   pase   peas   spae

t -   pate   peat   tape   tepa

v -   pave

x -   apex

3 letters

a -   ape   pea

b -   bap

c -   ace   cap   cep   pac   pec

d -   dap   pad   ped

e -   ape   pea   pee

g -   age   gae   gap   peg

h -   hae   hap   hep   pah   peh

i -   pia   pie

k -   kae   kea   kep

l -   ale   alp   lap   lea   pal

m -   amp   mae   map   pam

n -   ane   nae   nap   pan   pen

o -   ope

p -   ape   pap   pea   pep

r -   are   ear   era   par   per   rap   rep

s -   asp   pas   pes   sae   sap   sea   spa

t -   apt   ate   eat   eta   pat   pet   tae   tap   tea

u -   eau

v -   ave

w -   awe   paw   pew   wae   wap

x -   axe   pax

y -   aye   pay   pya   pye   yap   yea   yep

z -   zap

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