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Words formed from any letters in abbe, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

k -   kebab

l -   babel

r -   barbe

s -   abbes   babes

y -   abbey

4 letters

a -   abba   abbe   baba   babe

b -   abbe   babe

d -   abed   bade   bead

e -   abbe   babe

k -   bake   beak

l -   able   bale   blab   blae   bleb

m -   beam   bema   mabe

n -   bane   bean   nabe

r -   barb   bare   bear   brae

s -   base   ebbs   sabe

t -   abet   bate   beat   beta

u -   babu   beau

y -   abye   baby

3 letters

a -   aba   baa

b -   ebb

c -   ace   cab

d -   bad   bed   dab   deb

e -   bee   ebb

g -   age   bag   beg   gab   gae

h -   bah   hae

i -   bib

j -   jab

k -   kab   kae   kea

l -   alb   ale   bal   bel   lab   lea

m -   bam   mae

n -   ane   ban   ben   nab   nae   neb

o -   abo   boa   bob   obe

p -   ape   bap   pea

r -   arb   are   bar   bra   ear   era   reb

s -   abs   bas   sab   sae   sea

t -   ate   bat   bet   eat   eta   tab   tae   tea

u -   bub   eau

v -   ave

w -   awe   wab   wae   web

x -   axe

y -   aby   aye   bay   bey   bye   yea

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