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Definitions of spaniel
n. - One of a breed of small dogs having long and thick hair and large drooping ears. The legs are usually strongly feathered, and the tail bushy. See Illust. under Clumber, and Cocker. 2
n. - A cringing, fawning person. 2
a. - Cringing; fawning. 2
v. i. - To fawn; to cringe; to be obsequious. 2
v. t. - To follow like a spaniel. 2

The word "spaniel" uses 7 letters: A E I L N P S.

Direct anagrams of spaniel:
  alpines   pineals   splenia

Words formed by adding one letter before or after spaniel (in bold), or to aeilnps in any order:
b -   biplanes   c -   capelins   panicles   pelicans   d -   sandpile   e -   penalise   sepaline   g -   elapsing   pleasing   k -   skiplane   l -   splenial   m -   impanels   maniples   o -   opalines   r -   pralines   s -   painless   spaniels   t -   panelist   pantiles   plainest   u -   spinulae   w -   pinwales   x -   explains  

Shorter words found within spaniel:
ae   ai   ail   ails   ain   ains   ais   aisle   al   ale   ales   alien   aliens   aline   alines   alp   alpine   alps   als   an   ane   anes   ani   anil   anile   anils   anis   anise   ape   apes   apse   as   asp   aspen   el   elain   elains   elan   elans   els   en   ens   es   espial   ilea   in   ins   is   isle   la   lain   lane   lanes   lap   lapin   lapins   lapis   laps   lapse   las   lase   lea   lean   leans   leap   leaps   leas   lei   leis   lenis   lens   li   liane   lianes   lie   lien   liens   lies   lin   line   lines   lins   lip   lipa   lipase   lipe   lips   lis   lisp   na   nae   nail   nails   nap   nape   napes   naps   ne   neap   neaps   nil   nils   nip   nipa   nipas   nips   pa   pail   pails   pain   pains   paise   pal   pale   pales   pals   pan   pane   panel   panels   panes   pans   pas   pase   pe   pea   peal   peals   pean   peans   peas   pein   peins   pen   penal   penial   penis   pens   pensil   pes   pi   pia   pial   pian   pians   pias   pie   pies   pile   pilea   piles   pin   pina   pinas   pine   pineal   pines   pins   pis   plain   plains   plan   plane   planes   plans   plea   pleas   plena   plie   plies   psi   sae   sail   sain   sal   sale   salep   saline   salp   sane   sap   sea   seal   sei   sel   sen   sepal   sepia   si   sial   silane   sin   sine   sip   sipe   slain   slap   slip   slipe   snail   snap   sneap   snip   snipe   spa   spae   spail   spale   span   spean   speil   spiel   spile   spin   spinal   spine   spinel   spline  

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